Vol. 13 - Issue 1 2017 - ISSN 1504-4831
Sunday, 29 January 2023

About seminar


"Seminar.net" is an international journal, which publishes refereed articles dealing with research into theoretical or practical aspects related to the learning of adolescents, adults and elderly, in formal or informal educational settings. The use of information and communication technologies in general in these settings is a vital field of interest for the journal.

The aim of Seminar.net is to raise critical issues as to how ICT and media is used in education and in society, in order to promote democratic values, equity and justice in the field of education. The journal will publish philosophical, analytical and empirical contributions, addressing various fields coined as adult education, higher education, distance education, flexible or blended education, lifelong learning, human resource development, organizational learning etc. Seminar.net will seek a role as an influential source for the promotion of participation and reflexivity in the social construction of the development of educational technology.