Vol. 13 - Issue 1 2017 - ISSN 1504-4831
Sunday, 19 May 2024
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Stories of technology-enhancement in higher education – a critical approach

Trine Fossland, of University of Tromsø UiT The Arctic University of Norway, presents the last paper in this issue. Her paper, "Stories of technology-enhancement in higher education – a critical approach", continues a critical stance of educational technology, suggesting that even if there is a large body of research on technology-enhanced learning, questions related to the educational effectiveness of technology use still needs to be questioned. She argues that "digital innovators'" stories about technology enhancement may constitute a rich source for understanding this complex educational phenomenon both in relation to teachers' daily practices and the implementation of ICT in higher education at large. Her paper relies on biographical interviews with "digital innovators". Her findings suggest that technology-enhancement is linked to nine key characteristics: different educational models, authenticity, pedagogical added values, meaningful student activities, changing approaches to feedback, assessment and connection with the outside world, as well as holistic planning, supportive leaders and strong micro-cultures. This paper proposes a more nuanced understanding of the term technology enhanced learning and suggests strategies for educational development and further investigations related to this phenomenon in higher education.

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